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Care for Your Home With Residential Carpet Cleaning in Oakdale, MN

March 7th, 2018 · No Comments

When it comes to being a homeowner, it seems the work never ends. Homeowners are constantly dealing with cleaning and the upkeep of the property. From everyday cleaning to regular maintenance, there is always something to do. Despite constantly staying busy, there are ways that cleaning needs are neglected or not handled properly. Take carpeting for instance. If you have carpeting in the home, you undoubtedly vacuum it and shampoo from time to time. While this is good carpet care, a deep clean by professionals is a must. Most people have no idea just how dirty carpeting can be and how their health can be affected. With regular residential carpet cleaning your Oakdale, MN home, you can avoid dirty carpeting and have a healthy home.

How Carpeting Becomes Dirty

Over time, carpeting becomes dingy and dirty. Carpeting is unlike any other flooring type as it is made from a fibrous material. The carpet fibers will hold on to dirt and grime, which lead to ground in dirt deep within the carpeting. Dirt enters the home due to traffic. If you have heavy traffic flow in the carpeted areas of the home, dirt will build up in the flooring. The dirt can then cause a dingy appearance. This makes the carpet look dull and can change the coloring. With regular residential carpet cleaning, your Oakdale, MN flooring will look it’s very best and avoid the dirty appearance. With carpet cleaning, the dirt is removed and the fibers revived. The carpeting looks as it did when it was first installed.

Creating an Unhealthy Home

Think about how many pairs of feet travel within your home. Imagine where those feet have been. The dirt and grime on the feet of those in your home are now trapped deep within the carpet fibers. Do you have pets in the home? If so, the pet dander from your furry friends will also be inside the carpeting. To keep a healthy home, carpeting needs to be cleaned and freshened on a regular basis. With a deep clean, dust, dirt and other contaminants are removed from the carpeting. When cleaning is not completed, individuals in the home can suffer from health problems such as allergies, asthma flare-ups, and other respiratory issues.

When it comes to residential carpet cleaning in your Oakdale, MN home, contact the experts at Northwest ServiceMaster. We can help by providing quality carpet cleaning options. Contact our office today via telephone for assistance at (651) 644-3531.

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