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Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning Plans With Upholstery Cleaning in Fridley, MN

April 2nd, 2018 · No Comments

Ah, spring! That wonderful time of year when the grass is green and the flowers are in full bloom. As the world revives itself with fresh growth, homeowners in Fridley, MN, look to revitalize their personal space. Spring is a common time when homeowners begin to clean up and make changes to the home, from painting to new flooring. Spring cleaning plans quickly grow from cleaning up rooms to major changes. One of the best ways to jumpstart your spring cleaning efforts is with upholstery cleaning.

Over time, furnishings easily gather a layer of dirt and grime. With upholstery cleaning, your furniture within your home will be revived. When dirt and grime are removed, the fabric takes on a refreshing look, reviving the color and creating an overall clean look.

Protecting Your Investment

Furniture is not cheap and one way to make it last is with upholstery cleaning. The fabrics of your furnishings need a deep clean at least once a year to ensure they stay in good shape. Over time, your furniture can gather dust and other allergens which can affect the health of individuals in the home. Even pet dander can gather in the fabric of a sofa or recliner, leading to respiratory issues or allergies.

A deep clean will remove these issues and give your furniture a clean appearance. When dirt packs into the material of a sofa or loveseat, the material can look dingy. Once our deep cleaning process is provided, the dirt is removed, and the material looks fresh once again.

As you consider your spring cleaning needs, get a head start by scheduling an upholstery cleaning service for your Fridley, MN home. We’re happy to assist with your cleaning needs and look forward to providing you with everything you need for a neat and tidy home. Let our experts in upholstery care provide you with customized cleaning services for the furniture in your home to bring new life back to your pieces. Contact our office today to learn more or to schedule an appointment at (651) 644-3531.

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