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St. Paul Commercial Cleaning Can Prevent Illness: Tile, Grout, and Disease

October 10th, 2013 · No Comments

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Thorough floor cleaning, tile cleaning, and grout cleaning  in restrooms and common areas can be more important than you think. Professional commercial cleaning of these surfaces and materials means more than just a clean, sanitary appearance for your home or business. Grout can contain deep-seated bacteria deposited via foot traffic, food spills, or in restrooms from aerosolized waste material that settles upon the floor or walls and seeps into the grout.

Northwest ServiceMaster in St. Paul knows that all grout isn’t the same. Some materials are much more porous, absorbing and trapping microbes that don’t need oxygen or much else to survive. A recent study at a national university revealed an average of 19 different types of bacteria on sampled bathroom tile floors. It’s also not news that new strains of treatment-resistant bacteria are becoming more common, making frequent, thorough and efficient cleaning and disinfection more of a necessity than an option.

What are we talking about? Here are just a few unpleasant examples:

Staphylococci: This well-known culprit is a top bacterium in hospital and clinical areas. Up to a fifth of the population are carriers. It infects nasal cavities as well as throats and is often found in the urinary tract.

Streptococci: It’s what causes strep throat. While it’s passed by individual contact, it is often found in bathrooms, especially in schools and colleges.

E-coli: Infamous as a food borne illness, not because the food’s bad, but because it’s tainted with fecal matter from fields or contaminated irrigation water. If it’s on the produce, it can also be on the kitchen surfaces and floors, or embedded in bathroom grout thanks to an uncontrolled case of diarrhea.

Campylobactor: Another fecal matter bacteria that results in diarrhea.

Because grout is set below the surface of the tile, general mopping doesn’t always reach or clean the grout material. Plus, with today’s smaller tiles, it means there is more grout per square foot. And, if some grout is not sealed or if the sealer has worn away, there’s an increased chance it’s harboring the infectious organisms that will make someone sick.

What can you do? Clean and disinfect daily anywhere there’s tile in commercial and institutional kitchens, restrooms, public areas or locker rooms. If you are unsure how to perform this daily routine yourself and get the job done right, contact Northwest ServiceMaster for professional quality tile and grout and other hard surface floor cleaning. We will use state-of-the-art commercial cleaning solutions and techniques to make sure your hard surface floors and tile and grout surfaces are clean, sanitized and safe. Contact us today!

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