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Flooding Can Contaminate Your Home in St. Paul, MN

June 30th, 2014 · No Comments

Northwest ServiceMaster provides Water Removal & Flood Damage Repair to St. Paul area residents

This summer the high waters in lakes, rivers, and overflow areas have threatened or compromised some water systems. This has lead to “boil notices” and a moratorium on tap water use in some communities. Torrential rains can cause storm sewers to back up into homes and businesses. On occasion the overall amount of excessive water will cause contamination, often containing farm runoff or human waste, to back up into basement drains. This is especially a concern in low-lying areas. Flooded basements in St. Paul, MN can make anyone ready to pull their hair out, but Northwest ServiceMaster can help with the water damage restoration and water removal.

If there is any indication that this may have happened to your home or business, don’t take it lightly. Water removal should be dealt with quickly and thoroughly to prevent more problems down the road. The backup of material may have appeared slight, and you may have gotten it “cleaned up” quickly, but unless cleanup was done properly, a range of contaminants could have been left behind. The microorganisms you don’t see can propagate and cause problems to health and safety down the road. Additionally, the waste could contain viruses that can easily spread. If there’s any chance that raw sewage was deposited anywhere in your buildings, know that a range of illnesses could occur. Bacterial and viral pathogens can impact family members, employees, or customers, depending on the setting. All it takes is one or two cases of stomach or intestinal disease to occur and be associated with your business and your livelihood could be in jeopardy. If the backup has occurred near a kitchen or other food preparation area, you should be especially cautious.

Northwest ServiceMaster can remedy the problem professionally, guarantee that your property is clean and safe, and leave you with peace of mind. Contact us for more information and the best in water removal, flood damage repair, and sewage cleanup in St. Paul, Woodbury, Shoreview, or White Bear Lake, MN.

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