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The Smoke Damage in St. Paul, MN That You Can’t See

June 20th, 2014 · No Comments

Northwest ServiceMaster provides  smoke damage cleanup in St. Paul, MN and the nearby metropolitan suburbs

Smoke is like a gray ghost that can assume any shape and travel almost anywhere. Unlike an apparition, it leaves toxic traces in its path – soot, particles, and chemical residues. Depending on what burned, the smoke stains can be dry, dusty, or sticky. And then there’s the odor. No matter how clean the room may look at first glance, you may still smell smoke. When it comes to smoke damage cleanup in St. Paul, the highly trained technicians at Northwest ServiceMaster are the experts to call, especially for the smoke damage you can’t see.

Fire and smoke damage cleanup can be complex, especially when multiple surfaces are involved. Walls and ceilings, plastic surfaces, wood, glass, metal, carpet, and textile fabrics all retain smoke particles and may require different cleaning techniques. Proper restoration, done promptly, can save drapery, lampshades, even expensive clothing. But that’s scratching the surface, so to speak. Smoke rises and seeps into cupboards, light fixtures, closets, bookshelves, and inside appliances such as dryers, washers and refrigerators. You may not see it there, but you will be able to smell it, especially when the humidity changes. Fans or other air circulation systems can spread it around. Left untouched, smoke that settles inside air-ducts and register openings is free to continuously circulate. Rooms that were once clean and soot free may end up with smoke odors and residue again if the ducts aren’t cleaned thoroughly.

These are all good reasons to avoid attempting to do smoke cleanup on your own or to hire an outfit that isn’t professionally trained in all aspects of the task. Don’t pay for the same cleanup twice. When you’re confronted with fire and smoke damage in the St. Paul, MN area, call Northwest ServiceMaster for the best in smoke and fire restoration.

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