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Untreated Water Damage Leads to Mold Growth in St. Paul Homes

February 9th, 2015 · No Comments

Try this experiment. Take a sheet of newspaper, tear in it half and wet each piece thoroughly with water. Roll or fold them and place each in an empty glass jar. Leave the lid off one and close the other and leave it in a warm place. At best, the newspaper open to the air will dry, but will also wrinkle and be difficult to unfold. The one trapped in the jar with the moisture will probably show more signs of deterioration and perhaps mold.

Now consider all the various materials on all the objects on the lower floors of your home. A flood of any kind could multiply the newspaper scenario by a factor of thousands. If the paper in the jar developed mold, put your nose over the opening. That’s what your home could smell like after a flood. That’s when you need professional water damage restoration from Northwest ServiceMaster for you home in St. Paul.

Actually, it could be worse than mold. Floodwaters can contain sewage, mud, and other organics from nearby lakes or creeks, assuming the water originated from natural sources. It’s a mess to look at, and that’s just the part you can see. What’s behind your walls and flooring? Northwest ServiceMaster can help from the beginning of the cleanup to the completion of the restoration of your home. It’s not just the cleaning up of the sludge, removal of damaged building materials, drying out of the home and removal of any mold. We will clean all surfaces touched by the water, deodorize and disinfect as appropriate, and clean all of your furnishings that can be recovered. That list is longer than you think, as we are experts at cleaning textiles, wood, and even mechanical devices impacted by water. We will let you know if an item can be saved, especially if it’s a keepsake, heirloom, or a work of art.

Northwest ServiceMaster cares about you and the community. That’s why we do our best for our customers and pay it back in many ways through community organizations, such as the North St. Paul Area Food Shelf. It’s all part of our ServiceMaster core system of values. We want to do the very best for our customers. All the more reason to call Northwest ServiceMaster with your flood damage repair and water damage restoration in St. Paul, Roseville, Shoreview and surrounding Minnesota communities.

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