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Upholstery Cleaning Services for St. Paul Homes and Businesses

February 27th, 2015 · No Comments

You can look at a room or office in many ways. There’s the periphery – the walls, doors, and windows. And then the foundation – the flooring and carpeting of the living or work space. But what’s above that? In many homes or businesses it’s whatever you put in it. In most cases that’s some kind of furniture, along with drapes or window coverings. Too often homeowners or facility managers think about cleaning windows and carpets, but forget about their furnishings. That’s unfortunate because those are the surfaces that come into contact with people. The more contact, the more chances for dirt or odors to affix themselves and make things less than comfortable for the next person using that upholstered chair or couch. Northwest ServiceMaster’s professional technicians can make quick work of the grime and odors on your furniture, upholstery, and other fabric furnishings in St. Paul, Woodbury, and Arden Hills, MN.

Let’s break it down: dirt is largely organic, from people themselves or perhaps pets. Much of it comes from hands, soil or dust on clothing, and grease or stains left by everything from petrochemical products on work clothes to cosmetics. Over time the dirt simply blends into the color or design of the upholstery, turning it a much darker shade and dulling any bright colors. In businesses, an upholstered chair can pick up odors from any machinery or particles in the air. In homes, the odors of anything you cook can be absorbed into the fibers. Getting it out can be complex depending on the mixture and the material. Different cleaning methods are recommended whether the upholstery is leather, cloth, or one of the synthetic fabrics or leather look-alikes. The treatments are too varied to go into here. The solution, however, is simple.

Contact Northwest ServiceMaster for professional upholstery cleaning services. We know how to clean and treat all types of upholstery, as well as the wood or metal that may comprise the rest of the furniture. We’ll let you see the original colors and eliminate the odors that guests have been too kind to mention. Call us today to clean and treat your furnishings in St. Paul, White Bear Lake, Oakdale, Shoreview and surrounding Minnesota communities.

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