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The Cleanest Windows in St. Paul, MN with Northwest ServiceMaster’s Window Cleaning

June 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

Dust, dirt, soot or smoke, insects, bird droppings, spots and streaks from spring storms, and even plant material or residue from nearby trees may be among the elements befouling your windows. Have you looked closely at your panes, or are you in denial, squinting around the bits and particles between you and the rest of the world? Clearly, cleaning windows is not something people like to do, or more would be doing it. In our case, we have it down to a science and can proudly say, “Yes, we do windows!” Whether it’s residential or commercial window cleaning, Northwest ServiceMaster is your best choice for window cleaning in St. Paul, Arden Hills, White Bear Lake, Oakdale, Shoreview, and surrounding Minnesota communities.

Minnesota residents really appreciate their sunshine, even when indoors. Dirty windows not only filter out the positive effects of natural light, but can also leave your attitude in a slump without you even knowing why. For homeowners with modern architecture, we can reach the higher levels of elongated windows, window walls, and skylights. Perhaps you have windows that have never been properly cleaned because they’re just too high and out of reach. Don’t risk your own safety on ladders or by using improper equipment for a marginal DIY attempt.

In a business environment, the additional light on your workspace helps productivity. In showrooms or display areas, the added natural light makes your products look just that much better. The downside of dirty windows in a business is a negative judgment made by potential customers who never step inside due to the grimy appearance outside. If your business is professional or service-oriented, the lack of attention to detail may lead to conclusions that the quality of your work or the cleanliness of your food or serving areas may be just as bad.

We’ll help remove that misconception by making your windows sparkle, both inside and out. We use the latest in cleaning solutions and techniques, leaving no runs, drips or errors. And we’ll make sure the frames and sills are clean as well. For a thorough, professional window-cleaning job, contact Northwest ServiceMaster for your windows in St. Paul, Woodbury, Roseville, Fridley, and surrounding areas.

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