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Avoiding Flammable Furnishings in St. Paul with Northwest ServiceMaster

November 24th, 2015 · No Comments

Three minutes. Thanks to synthetic materials used in both furnishings and building materials today, that’s how long a family has to get out of a house before a fire may flash over. Modern design has made materials stronger and less expensive to produce, but because of their chemical makeup they burn faster. That’s all the more reason to emphasize prevention of fires through safety procedures, smoke alarms, and ample fire extinguishers around the building. Awareness of the speed of fires is important and something all homeowners should know. If your home falls victim to a fire in St. Paul, Woodbury, Roseville, Fridley, or surrounding communities, remember that Northwest ServiceMaster is your best bet for fire disaster damage repair and restoration.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the time for escaping a residence was roughly 12 to 17 minutes a generation ago. That was back when a greater percentage of furniture was wooden, with cloth upholstery and cotton-based stuffing. Today, the largest share of home fire deaths occur in homes where the flames touch upholstered furniture first. For instance, if a cigarette or a spark hits a modern sofa or easy chair, the fire will get a faster start and flash sooner than every before. The flashing— sending up high flames that then ignite the rest of the room—is due directly to modern materials. A study by the NFPA in 2013 showed that type of ignition resulted in 8,900 home structure fires and 480 deaths.

A San Francisco TV news report showed a dramatic video demonstrating side-by-side test burnings conducted by a fire department near Chicago. The modern furniture flared up and ignited the room in just 90 seconds. The test room with older furniture took 13 minutes before it became fully involved.

The immediate solutions for your home:

  • Make sure there are both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in every room.
  • Have a fire extinguisher within easy reach from every room.
  • Don’t allow smoking indoors.
  • Consider installing a sprinkler system. Fire departments in major cities are recommending sprinklers, and some states are requiring them in new construction.
  • Consider replacing modern furniture with items of safer materials or investing in older pieces.
  • Avoid putting too many pieces in one room or too close together.
  • Make sure all curtains and drapes are fire resistant.
  • Develop a home fire drill so everyone knows how to get out of every room quickly.

Fire disasters can occur even under the best conditions. Keep our phone number handy. Northwest ServiceMaster will provide expert fire disaster cleanup, water removal, and fire damage repair and restoration for your home in St. Paul, Shoreline, White Bear Lake, and nearby communities.

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