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Fire Damage Restoration in Fridley with Northwest ServiceMaster

March 28th, 2016 · No Comments

Spring in Fridley, Minnesota means additional time outdoors and more recreational fires. These include not only the fire you light in your barbecue grill to cook the burgers, but the wood-fueled fires in fire pits, and the portable heaters, sometimes called urns, that help keep the chill away in the evenings. More people have outside conversation areas with a fire as the centerpiece. Yet, these recreational fires can be dangerous if they’re not maintained properly or left unattended. Sparks can easily fly yards away, landing on rooftops or decks to set homes ablaze. That’s where we come in. Northwest ServiceMaster is your best choice for residential fire damage restoration in Fridley.

Whether the damage is on the roof, the exterior, inside the rooms, or inside the walls, we can handle debris clean up, pack out any items too damaged to restore, safely remove and store items for restoration, assess the damage, and begin the process of making your house look as good as or better than before the fire. We can handle the entire process and work closely with your insurance company as needed. We can restore equipment, art works, collectibles, and technology, depending on the degree of damage, and return it when the home fire damage restoration is complete.

Fire prevention is more desirable than having to recover from a fire disaster. The Fridley Fire Department offers tips on how best to avoid problems from recreational fires:

Burn only wood or charcoal in fire pits or similar devices – no paper, plastic, garbage, or cardboard.

Use smaller pieces of dried wood, cured at least six months.

Don’t burn any wood that doesn’t totally fit in the fire pit or container.

Place containers or fire pits at least 15 feet away from any structure.

Uncontained fires should be at least 25 feet away from buildings.

Don’t burn any fire under windy conditions.

Don’t leave any fire unattended.

Have a source of water on hand.

Make sure the fire is totally out before retiring for the night.

If the worst does happen, remember Northwest ServiceMaster has expert fire damage repair crews available for fire damage restoration for both homes and businesses in Fridley.


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