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Water Damage Restoration in Roseville, Minnesota With Northwest ServiceMaster

July 13th, 2016 · No Comments

You’ve had a water pipe break in your home while you were away. Your local storm sewer couldn’t handle the heavy rains and that water is now in your basement. The summer torrents have inundated your neighborhood and you have a real flood on your hands. Whether you’re in Roseville, MN, or a nearby community, you’re faced with a similar multi-step process of restoring your home to order and its contents to usefulness. That’s where we come in. Northwest ServiceMaster has the experience and expertise for any kind of flood or water damage repair and restoration.

After water floods your home and the water itself is removed, one of the first things to tackle is to safely remove and pack out your furnishings and belongings for water damage restoration. Many people think only about getting the water and mud out, the house cleaned up, the floor and walls dried out, and the water damage repair out of the way. We will accomplish all of that for you, but we’ll also make sure that you’ll be able to retain as many pieces of furniture and other objects as you can through our comprehensive disaster restoration process.

Most people are surprised at the objects that can be fully restored and how good they look once the work is completed. We can restore antiques, collectibles, family heirlooms, and pieces of art, from paintings to sculptures. If you have a home office with important documents, valuable books, or irreplaceable photos, we can dry and restore those as well. We can even restore some electronic equipment, appliances, textiles, and clothing. Of course, not everything can be restored and it’s more economical to replace some items. Still, when we say we restore your Roseville, MN, home after water disaster damage, we mean your entire home and its contents as well.

Don’t try to take on the complex job of flood restoration yourself. Let the experts at Northwest ServiceMaster do it. You’ll be pleased by the result. Your Roseville, MN, home may even look better than it did before.

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