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Here’s A Few Ways You Can Help Speed Up the Fire Damage Mitigation Process

October 14th, 2019 · No Comments

Any fire, large or small, is going to leave lasting damage after the first responders leave. Flames can quickly burn through furniture and walls, and soot and smoke will settle into a room and become very difficult to remove.


Fire damage mitigation and the ensuring restoration process in the Oakdale, MN, area should only be carried out by experienced professionals with the tools and knowledge to safely work inside of a property.


However, there’s a few tips property owners can keep in mind to speed up the fire damage mitigation process and ensure further damage is avoided:


  • Limit Movement Inside of a Property: After a fire, it’s always prudent to stay completely away until pertinent officials deem a house or business safe for re-entry. Even if the flames were contained to a small area or a single room, make sure to limit movement inside of the building. Excessive movement and footsteps can lead to soot particles becoming stirred up and embedded in carpets or upholstery. This can quickly turn a short cleaning process into a longer affair.
  • Don’t Try to Clean Fabric on Your Own: It might be tempting to send clothes to the dry cleaners if they smell like smoke. This can quickly become a big mistake. Clothing that is not properly cleaned after a fire could actually help smoke odors set further into the item, potentially rendering it unwearable.
  • Avoid Using Electronics: Take particular care after a fire to not use any electronics, light fixtures, or appliances. Wiring could be damaged due to the flames or by water. Turning on an item could create an acute safety hazard or further damage an appliance. Keeping all electronics off and untouched after a fire will make it easier for trained professionals to work and repair damaged items.
  • Do Not Wash Off Walls: Reducing and repairing the effects of fire damage to walls and other surfaces should only be carried out by professionals with the right cleaning equipment and knowledge. Store-bought shampoos or cleaning supplies can make soot and smoke damage much worse or permanently damage items. Home and property owners should not attempt to do any washing or cleaning without first speaking with a professional cleaning crew.


The aftereffects of a fire can be devastating, especially if treasured items were damaged or destroyed by flames or smoke. Fire damage mitigation in the Oakdale, MN, area should only be carried out by the Northwest ServiceMaster team. We respond to all calls with the equipment needed to properly assess the damage and begin the cleanup and restoration process.


Our team members are happy to work with insurance companies and always collaborate with the property owner to ensure the longer-term restoration process is able to commence in a smooth manner.


Give us a call at (651) 644-3531 for prompt and thorough fire damage cleanup. We’re available 24/7/365!

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