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Notes from the Pros on What Smart Tile Cleaning Looks Like

November 29th, 2019 · No Comments

Tile flooring inside a building is often a smart investment. Tile can be easily maintained and weather a large amount of traffic. However, dirt and grime can still wear down tile sealants and permit liquids and other materials to seep into tiling and cause stains.


Professional tile cleaning in Shoreview, MN, is a smart strategy to breathe new life into old tile and ensure your flooring can be sustained for the long term. We’ve worked to clean countless types of tile, and our technicians have a vast amount of experience in choosing the right cleaning approach.


Keep reading to find out more about how you can keep tile and grout clean and durable for a long life.


  • Wash & Vacuum Regularly: Tile cleaning by the professionals is able to tackle dirt and grime you would never be able to reach with a mop or broom. Still, taking the time to vacuum and mop your tile floors on a routine basis goes a long way to ensuring hair, grime, and dust do not get ground up into the floor. Any spills or liquids on tile should be wiped off as soon as possible so that they do not seep into the floor.
  • Lay Down Mats & Rugs: Covering tile flooring keeps it protected and reduces wear and tear. Place a small rug right inside the doorway to offer protection from messy foot traffic coming from outside. In the kitchen, a mat placed in front of the sink helps ward off splashing water falling on the floor.
  • Seal Your Grout: Tile grout is very porous, which means it will easily soak up liquids and dirt. A sealant protects grout from the elements and keeps it looking new. Most professional cleaning crews will seal tile grout, but you also have the option to seal on your own. Some people choose color sealants to restore discolored grout to an original look.


Interested in revitalizing and protecting your floors? We at Northwest ServiceMaster offer professional and effective professional tile cleaning in the Shoreview, MN, area.


Our cleaning crews can enact customized cleaning plans based on the type and location of tile – all to guarantee a job well done that will leave you pleasantly surprised with the results!


You’ve done your part in keeping your tile clean. Now let us take care of the tile maintenance. Give us a call today at (651) 644-3531.

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