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Specialty Cleaning Services— Vandalism, Trauma, Antiques, Electronics, and More by Northwest ServiceMaster

Vandalism Cleanup
Unexpected damage caused by vandals can be annoying and frustrating. Vandalism costs homeowners, schools, businesses and governments billions of dollars per year in the U.S. At Northwest ServiceMaster in St. Paul, we will repair and clean the vandalism damage with our advanced products and equipment.

  • Egg Residue
  • Spray Paint
  • Permanent Ink
  • Broken Windows
  • Bio-Waste
  • And more
When your property has been affected by vandals, give us a call. Our technicians will respectfully return your property to its former state.

Trauma Cleanup and Accident Site Cleanup
In the wake of traumatic life events, two things matter most: response time and expertise. It takes commitment, compassion, and professionalism to handle the various facets of accident and violent crime scenes. Northwest ServiceMaster is the authority in trauma cleanup services in the St. Paul area. We arrive promptly on the scene and rely on decades of experience to get the location clean and sanitary. Most importantly, we are confidential and sensitive to the complex emotions attached to these situations.

Federal laws require that bio-cleaning technicians be educated to remove all traces of biological contamination. Our professionals are qualified to manage blood-borne pathogens, employ appropriate protective equipment, and are prepared to eliminate and destroy all biological substances. With Northwest ServiceMaster, we use practices that comply with all health and OSHA regulations—all performed with professionalism, reliability, and respect.

Managing trauma demands more than just professionalism. That’s why we approach each situation with sensitivity, compassion, and empathy toward families and loved ones. Our professionals are trained to address delicate questions with certainty and skill.

Our hope is that you never need to call on us to carry out this service. But, be assured that we are the authority in trauma cleanup in the St. Paul area and we are prepared to sort out any situation you may encounter.

Special Services
Damages and property losses from fire, water, or mold can be devastating; especially when that property is crucial to running your business or sentimental to your family. Northwest ServiceMaster takes recovery and salvage seriously. Some items are beyond repair and need to be replaced. But, other items can be salvaged and restored back to their former condition.

We specialize in bringing sensitive and vulnerable items back to life. If there is even a remote possibility that an item can be saved, we put every effort into restoring it back to its former condition, which saves you the cost of having to replace it.

We focus on an assortment of items:

Before you discard any important, valuable, or priceless items call us at Northwest ServiceMaster. We may be able to save it.

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