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"The crew which came to our home at 2am and has been working on water damage mitigation is, in a word, outstanding. My wife and I returned late from a five day absence visiting my sister with terminal cancer. We also learned on the day of our return that our long time and young best friend passed away unexpectedly in FL. Exhausted, we came into a home with a sump pump failure which converted our 1400 sq. ft., fully carpeted, well used lower lever into a wading pool, We called Northwest ServiceMaster (North St. Paul) immediately after installing a new sump pump. at 2am, Tayler, a team leader arrived and began work immediately, bringing in and engaging equipment. He was informative, clear, confident and calming. After leaving for a few hours, he returned with a crew who began work at once to mitigate extensive water damage. They lifted heavy bookcases, curios, file cabinets, couches, exercise equipment, etc. while strategically placing fans, dehumidifiers, etc. Subsequently, on the third day, Taylor spoke directly with our insurance adjuster in TX who had not been returning our calls. He apprised them of our situation and clarified our coverage limit. The various crew members, Philli, Jock, Mike and Taylor(Tailor?) have worked hard and well. Today they removed all the wet floor carpet as well as the smaller cover carpets which were soaked. The fans are still running and the job not yet complete as they will be retrieved when appropriate. In a time of crisis, these men and this company came through. They have made a bad experience bearable with the calm responsibility, knowledge, expertise, and friendliness. We can't say we hope to have them return with a new problem, but are so pleased and relieved that the team leader and his team were so professional and would recommend them to anyone suffering from a similar event- and "no", we never met any of them before. Had there been a problem, we would have made a complaint as the last thing a family needs in such a circumstance is ill informed, brusk and unhelpful service. Thanks for letting us share this information.about Northwest ServiceMaster (North St. Paul). A++++ from us."

- Terry

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