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Restore Your Home with 24-Hour Emergency Services in Shoreview, MN

April 19th, 2018 · No Comments

As homeowners, we quickly learn that our property needs to be cared for on a regular basis. From repair issues to maintenance needs, homeowners are constantly busy. Taking care of such issues becomes something the homeowner quickly gets used to. Unfortunately, homeowners can also be subject to disasters due to natural weather occurrences or other issues such as fire or mold damage. Knowing who to turn to when disaster strikes is important. Most homeowners have no idea what to do when flooding, fire, or other disasters affect their home. Thankfully, 24-hour emergency services in Shoreview, MN are available, helping to restore your home as quickly as possible.

Common Disaster Scenarios in the Home

What common disaster scenarios in the home can be taken care of with 24-hour emergency services in Shoreview, MN? To begin with, a fire in the home certainly falls into this category. When a fire takes place, the home is affected by heat and flames as well as smoke and soot. Experts in home restoration need to respond as quickly as possible to take care of the damage. Our 24-hour service will ensure your home restoration begins as soon as the fire is put out.

Another common scenario involving the need for 24-hour emergency services in Shoreview, MN is flooding. The home can be subject to flooding due to a number of reasons. Flash flooding can carry contaminated water into the home. A leaking roof can cause water to seep into walls, ceilings, and floors. Plumbing pipes can burst and create extensive water damage. Whatever the case may be, our experts can provide the comprehensive restoration services needed to get your home back to its pre-loss condition quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about our 24-hour emergency service options, give our office a call. We can be reached at (651) 644-3531 to answer any questions you may have about our after-hour emergency services. Let our technicians provide you with insight to these service options so you have someone to help if disaster strikes your home.


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What Are My Options When It Comes to Floor Cleaning in Woodbury, MN? Learn More from Northwest ServiceMaster

April 10th, 2018 · No Comments

When it comes to caring for the home, homeowners have a number of tasks to complete. From dusting and vacuuming to washing windows and cleaning bathrooms, there’s much to be done. For most homeowners, finding time for every aspect of cleaning can be hard. When it comes to certain areas of the home, professional services are the best way to ensure the home is clean and aspects of the home remain in top condition. Included in this is flooring. From hard surface floors to carpeting, providing a deep clean will ensure your flooring lasts for years and years. What are your options when it comes to floor cleaning in Woodbury, MN? Read on to see what you can access for your home.

Carpet Cleaning

One option with our floor cleaning services in Woodbury, MN is carpet cleaning. Over time, carpeting will gather dirt, dust, pet dander, and other contaminants that can affect the overall health of the home. It takes a commercial cleaning process to truly clean the flooring. Without a periodic deep cleaning, carpeting can begin to look dingy and dirty. By scheduling our carpet cleaning services, your carpeting will be revived and look as fresh as it did when first installed.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Another floor cleaning option we provide for Woodbury, MN homes is hard surface floor cleaning. Many homes have hard surface flooring such as tile that needs a deep clean from time to time. With our deep cleaning service options, your hard surface flooring will be free of dirt, grime, and stains, gleaming with a brand-new appearance once we’re finished.

It’s recommended that hard surface flooring and carpeting be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Northwest ServiceMaster is here to serve you. Let our professional cleaning staff provide the much-needed cleaning services to ensure the flooring in your home will continue to look it’s very best for years to come. Contact our office today at (651) 644-3531 to learn more.

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Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning Plans With Upholstery Cleaning in Fridley, MN

April 2nd, 2018 · No Comments

Ah, spring! That wonderful time of year when the grass is green and the flowers are in full bloom. As the world revives itself with fresh growth, homeowners in Fridley, MN, look to revitalize their personal space. Spring is a common time when homeowners begin to clean up and make changes to the home, from painting to new flooring. Spring cleaning plans quickly grow from cleaning up rooms to major changes. One of the best ways to jumpstart your spring cleaning efforts is with upholstery cleaning.

Over time, furnishings easily gather a layer of dirt and grime. With upholstery cleaning, your furniture within your home will be revived. When dirt and grime are removed, the fabric takes on a refreshing look, reviving the color and creating an overall clean look.

Protecting Your Investment

Furniture is not cheap and one way to make it last is with upholstery cleaning. The fabrics of your furnishings need a deep clean at least once a year to ensure they stay in good shape. Over time, your furniture can gather dust and other allergens which can affect the health of individuals in the home. Even pet dander can gather in the fabric of a sofa or recliner, leading to respiratory issues or allergies.

A deep clean will remove these issues and give your furniture a clean appearance. When dirt packs into the material of a sofa or loveseat, the material can look dingy. Once our deep cleaning process is provided, the dirt is removed, and the material looks fresh once again.

As you consider your spring cleaning needs, get a head start by scheduling an upholstery cleaning service for your Fridley, MN home. We’re happy to assist with your cleaning needs and look forward to providing you with everything you need for a neat and tidy home. Let our experts in upholstery care provide you with customized cleaning services for the furniture in your home to bring new life back to your pieces. Contact our office today to learn more or to schedule an appointment at (651) 644-3531.

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Treating Water Damage with Professional Disaster Restoration in Roseville, MN

March 21st, 2018 · No Comments

Spring is a time when homeowners begin to look at ways to refresh their residence. From moving furniture to complete remodels, spring is a great season to make changes in the home. Many times, the cleaning process or remodeling stages lead to issues in the home, such as finding water damage or actually creating water damage. When you find water in the home, disaster restoration services in Roseville, MN are your solution for restoring the space affected.

 Water Damage in the Home

During the spring, water damage can occur in the home in disastrous proportions due to plumbing pipes or storm damage. When it comes to plumbing systems, as the temperatures outside begin to grow warmer, any frozen pipes in the home can thaw out. If any frozen pipes burst, now is the time when they can cause flooding in the home.

When you find water has entered your basement in massive quantities or seeped into the walls because of a busted pipe, we can help. Our disaster restoration services in Roseville, MN include water damage options to help remove any standing water in the home and restore the property to its original state.

In the case of flooding, many homeowners have prepared basement areas or lower levels for remodeling in the spring, only to find a storm comes through and causes flooding due to heavy rains. When the water enters the space, it leads to more work for you plus additional restoration needs. With the help of our disaster restoration services in Roseville, MN, we ensure that the water is removed, and your home is free of damage, looking it’s very best once again.

 What Water Can Do to the Home

It’s never good to have standing water in the home, but even the slightest amount of moisture can lead to extensive damage. When water seeps into flooring, drywall, ceilings, and other areas, it can lead to mold and mildew which causes further damage and more costly repairs.

To avoid extensive repairs plus mold and mildew issues, contact Northwest ServiceMaster at (651) 644-3531 as soon as you find water has entered your home. Our disaster restoration services will get your home back on track, so you can begin any spring cleaning or renovations as scheduled.

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What You Can Expect With Commercial Cleaning in St. Paul, MN

March 12th, 2018 · No Comments

One of the best ways to provide a quality working environment within your business is to enlist the help of professional commercial cleaners. Northwest ServiceMaster offers quality cleaning services in St. Paul, MN, will keep your business neat and tidy, creating a quality first impression for clients and a healthy work environment for employees. A workplace that is clean will help employees to remain productive instead of taking time out of their schedule to clean up. But what can you expect from commercial cleaning services? We provide quality cleaning services that are customized to fit your business and your needs.

Commercial Cleaning That Fits Your Needs

With commercial cleaning services in St. Paul, MN, there are several options on offer to promote a quality business environment. As a business owner, you know how hard it can be to keep the workspace clean. From trash collection to dust and sticky floors, there are many ways a business can be dirty and in need of cleaning. By using a customized cleaning package, a business will remain clean on a regular basis, without interruption to the daily work schedule.

Because every business is different, Northwest ServiceMaster provides a series of cleaning services. Some businesses have carpeting and require regular deep cleaning and carpet maintenance. Other businesses have hard surface flooring that also requires cleaning and maintenance. Depending on your flooring type, the proper cleaning methods and tools will be provided.

Additional cleaning options can include upholstery and fabric cleaning of furniture and office systems, acoustic ceiling cleaning, window cleaning, wall cleaning, window treatment cleaning, and more. Our cleaning specialists will meet with you to create a plan of action that will work best for your cleaning needs. With a customized commercial cleaning plan for your St. Paul, MN business, you get exactly what is needed to ensure your business is clean and promotes a healthy work environment at all times.

To learn more about our commercial cleaning service options, or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today at (651) 644-3531.

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Care for Your Home With Residential Carpet Cleaning in Oakdale, MN

March 7th, 2018 · No Comments

When it comes to being a homeowner, it seems the work never ends. Homeowners are constantly dealing with cleaning and the upkeep of the property. From everyday cleaning to regular maintenance, there is always something to do. Despite constantly staying busy, there are ways that cleaning needs are neglected or not handled properly. Take carpeting for instance. If you have carpeting in the home, you undoubtedly vacuum it and shampoo from time to time. While this is good carpet care, a deep clean by professionals is a must. Most people have no idea just how dirty carpeting can be and how their health can be affected. With regular residential carpet cleaning your Oakdale, MN home, you can avoid dirty carpeting and have a healthy home.

How Carpeting Becomes Dirty

Over time, carpeting becomes dingy and dirty. Carpeting is unlike any other flooring type as it is made from a fibrous material. The carpet fibers will hold on to dirt and grime, which lead to ground in dirt deep within the carpeting. Dirt enters the home due to traffic. If you have heavy traffic flow in the carpeted areas of the home, dirt will build up in the flooring. The dirt can then cause a dingy appearance. This makes the carpet look dull and can change the coloring. With regular residential carpet cleaning, your Oakdale, MN flooring will look it’s very best and avoid the dirty appearance. With carpet cleaning, the dirt is removed and the fibers revived. The carpeting looks as it did when it was first installed.

Creating an Unhealthy Home

Think about how many pairs of feet travel within your home. Imagine where those feet have been. The dirt and grime on the feet of those in your home are now trapped deep within the carpet fibers. Do you have pets in the home? If so, the pet dander from your furry friends will also be inside the carpeting. To keep a healthy home, carpeting needs to be cleaned and freshened on a regular basis. With a deep clean, dust, dirt and other contaminants are removed from the carpeting. When cleaning is not completed, individuals in the home can suffer from health problems such as allergies, asthma flare-ups, and other respiratory issues.

When it comes to residential carpet cleaning in your Oakdale, MN home, contact the experts at Northwest ServiceMaster. We can help by providing quality carpet cleaning options. Contact our office today via telephone for assistance at (651) 644-3531.

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Understanding How Moisture Removal is Essential to Water Damage Restoration in Shoreview, MN

March 6th, 2018 · No Comments

When water enters the home unannounced, it can be a major issue. From flooding due to heavy rains or plumbing pipe issues, water can wreak havoc on the home. Water can damage the structural integrity of the home if it comes inside in massive amounts or is allowed to settle, seeping into the wood materials of the home. When moisture removal is not through during water damage restoration in Shoreview, MN, it can lead to mold and mildew, which can easily overtake the home.

Most homeowners have seen mold or mildew from time to time, be it in the basement or under the sink perhaps. Mold and mildew are created when moisture sits in an area. The spores can be created in just 48 hours and lead to major issues in the home. Mold can grow quickly and damage the structure of your dwelling as well as be a health hazard.

Thorough Moisture Removal

With our moisture removal services in Shoreview, MN, we make sure to remove all water and moisture. As water enters the home, it begins to soak into furniture, flooring, ceilings, walls, etc. Any standing water should be removed but also soaked components of the home such as flooring or sheetrock. When the water soaked items remain, moisture remains. Then mold begins to set in, which can lead to a host of new problems.

With proper restoration efforts, the water can be removed from the home with no moisture left behind. This means no mold or mildew growth and you can get back to normal daily life.

At Northwest ServiceMaster, we strive to offer the best water damage restoration and moisture removal services in Shoreview, MN, ensuring your home can be brought back to normal. No water or moisture is left behind during our services so that you can rest easy knowing that mold and mildew will not be growing anytime soon. Trust our experts to handle any water damage issue and restore your home to its former state in no time. Contact our office today to learn more about our water damage service by calling (651) 644-3531.

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Deodorizing is a Must with Fire Damage Restoration in White Bear Lake, MN

March 1st, 2018 · No Comments

You know that old saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” It rings true. Whenever there’s a fire, there’ll be smoke. When it comes to a fire in the home, smoke can be heavily present. Even after the fire has been extinguished, the heavy stench of smoke remains. The only way for the smoke smell to be removed is to have proper fire damage restoration services provided for your White Bear Lake, MN home. One of the most important tasks of fire damage restoration is to perform complete deodorization to ensure no trace of the smell of smoke remains.

Smoke in the Home

Have you ever burned dinner? Perhaps left a pot on the stove or something in the oven for too long? Your smoke detectors instantly go off and you have a smoke-filled home. The smoke smell can last for hours or days after the incident, even if you try and air out the home with open doors and windows.

You know how long smoke can linger after burning food, so imagine a fire in your home. The smoke smell will linger long after the flames have been extinguished if not removed properly. With our quality fire damage restoration services, your White Bear Lake, MN home will be back to normal, with no smoke smell or remnants of the fire.

When trying to handle the cleanup on your own, you’ll be able to remove any damage items and begin the rebuilding process. Without the assistance of trained fire damage restoration professionals, however, your home will continue to smell like smoke, which will be a constant reminder of the fire. The lingering smell of smoke can cause bad memories to resurface, a feeling of sickness, and continuing problems with headaches.

When it comes to fire damage restoration for your White Bear Lake, MN home, trust the experts. Let our team of professionals assist you in removing any fire damage from your home, including the smell of smoke. We have vast experience in such restoration projects and the deodorizing equipment to remove the smell and restore your home to its previous state.

If your home suffers fire and smoke damage, contact our office immediately at (651) 644-3531.

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Restore Your Home with 24-hour Emergency Services in Woodbury, MN

February 22nd, 2018 · No Comments

Disaster can strike at any time, leaving your home in desperate need of restoration services. From fire damage to water damage, a home can be affected in several ways. With 24-hour emergency services in Woodbury, MN, you can always rely on Northwest ServiceMaster for your home restoration needs. Learning more about our emergency services will help to ensure your home is cleaned and restored as quickly as possible.

Fire and Water Damage

Two of the most common reasons a client contacts our 24-hour emergency services in Woodbury, MN, are fire or water damage. When a fire occurs in your home, after 911 is called, you should immediately contact our 24-hour hotline, so we can arrive as quickly as possible to assess your property and create a restoration plan. This helps to ensure your home is thoroughly cleaned of smoke, soot, and fire damage to restore it to its pre-loss state.

A burst pipe or natural disaster such as a flood can create the need for immediate water damage restoration. No matter the reason, any and all water that remains must be removed quickly, followed by reduction and control of high levels of moisture and humidity so mold and mildew don’t begin to grow and spread. Our service options can guarantee your home will be treated effectively and restored as quickly as possible.

Additional Restoration Services

Our 24-hour emergency services in Woodbury, MN, are available for other needs as well, including board ups and pack out. After a disaster you may need personal belongings quickly removed in order to salvage what you can. Our service team can provide pack out options for you to help save your belongings. We also provide board up services if your home needs to be secured before and during the restoration process.

To learn more about our 24-hour emergency service options, call us today at (651) 644-3531. We’re ready to provide quality services for your home restoration needs.

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Refresh Your Home with Tile Floor Cleaning in Fridley, MN

February 6th, 2018 · No Comments

Tile flooring is commonly used in homes due to its durability and clean, modern look. Its high versatility is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, entryways, and sunrooms. While the surface of tile is easy to keep clean, periodic professional deep cleaning is required to maximize its lifespan and your home’s appearance. With professional tile floor cleaning in Fridley, MN, your tiling and home can be kept wonderfully clean and spotless!

 High Traffic Areas

Tile is a great choice for high traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. High traffic areas, however, means the tile is exposed to more dirt, grime, moisture, and staining. This filth will eventually tarnish the appearance of the tile and foster the growth of mold and mildew on the grout, causing it to become badly discolored. While sweeping and regular mopping helps, a professional deep floor cleaning in your Fridley, MN, home is a must.

Too Busy for Deep Clean

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably too busy to spend the whole day on your hands and knees scrubbing grout, or perhaps you lack the tools and know-how. At Northwest ServiceMaster, we specialize in floor cleaning with a special emphasis on tile flooring for your Fridley, MN, home.

Regularly scheduled deep floor cleaning performed by trained and experienced technicians is crucial to maintain the like-new appearance of the tile and grout in your home. It’s also economical as it can prevent premature tile replacement caused by inadequate cleaning and poor maintenance. Our staff utilizes the most modern equipment, techniques, and cleaning solutions to meticulously revive your tile floors and thoroughly clean and sanitize the grout.

Don’t wait to schedule your tile floor cleaning! Contact us at (651) 644-3531 to learn more about our tile services or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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