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Work Quickly to Restore Your Home with Fire Damage Restoration in Shoreview, MN

January 18th, 2019 · No Comments

When a fire occurs in your home, time is of the essence. When you act quickly, you are more likely to see minimal damage and are better able to restore your home. The longer you wait for fire damage restoration in Shoreview, MN, the more loss you may have to your home. The restoration process must begin as quickly as possible to be able to salvage as many of your belongings as possible as well as your house. The firefighters’ primary concerns are putting out the flames, so you need a team by your side after the fire has been extinguished to assist with the restoration stage of your house.

Professional Assistance Is Needed

After the flames of a house fire are put out by the fire department, you are left with the damage. Having professionals like our team come in and assess the damage can ensure that the restoration process begins as quickly as possible and that your house is repaired to its pre-loss condition.

Electrical wiring damage as well as other issues such as smoke and soot can be dangerous. With our fire damage restoration services in Shoreview, MN, we have a team of professionals that will evaluate your home and ensure the structural integrity as well as begin the restoration process to ensure you can live in your dwelling as soon as possible.

A massive cleanup generally follows a house fire. The areas that were directly affected by the flames will need to be restored or remodeled. This will help to ensure the integrity of the home as well as the house’s structural stability. Fire and smoke have serious health risks, particularly to a person’s respiratory system. The odor of the fire can also be difficult to remove.

However, with our fire damage restoration service in Shoreview, MN, we know how to remove such odors and damage to ensure your home shows no sign of the former fire. Ventilation and deodorization are an important part of this process. With the right procedures and equipment, your home will be ventilated, and all signs of smoke and soot removed.

When your home is affected by fire, give our office a call. We are ready to assist with removing all signs of fire damage and help you to have a fully restored home. Give us a call today at (651) 644-3531 to learn more!

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After the Thaw: Dealing with Plumbing Problems with Water Damage Restoration in Woodbury, MN

December 28th, 2018 · No Comments

During the winter months, especially in Minnesota, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to get bitterly cold. When subzero weather settles in, homeowners need to take extra care to avoid frozen plumbing pipes. Letting water run through them slowly can do the trick, but sometimes, no matter what you do, the pipes freeze anyway. Once the pipes are frozen they can burst, which then leads to water pouring into your home after the ice thaws. When water rushes into a home it can lead to major damage. With our water damage restoration services in Woodbury, MN, we can ensure your home is back to normal in no time.


How Busted Pipes Cause Water Damage

The water supply lines in your home are constantly pressurized. When the temperature outside drops below freezing, the water inside a pipe can turn to ice and cause the pipe to crack or bust completely open. When this happens, water will enter the home where the crack or busted pipe is located. This could be inside a wall or in the basement, depending on the location of your plumbing system. Either way, water begins to enter the space and cause damage. Drywall, flooring, ceilings, and other areas of the home are affected.

The water needs to be removed right away and water damage restoration started as soon as possible. In the Woodbury, MN area, Northwest ServiceMaster can quickly and thoroughly restore your water damaged home and return it to its pre-loss condition.


Avoiding Mold and Mildew

When water enters the home, it starts to seep into materials like carpeting, drywall, and furniture. The water must be removed so it doesn’t cause mold or mildew damage to the home. It takes only 48 hours for mold and mildew to grow in a damp environment. With our help, you avoid this issue by relying on our water damage restoration services in Woodbury, MN.

If your home is affected by busted pipes this winter and suffers water damage, give the experts at Northwest ServiceMaster a call immediately at (651) 644-3531.

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Stay Clean This Winter with Residential Carpet Cleaning in St. Paul, MN

December 21st, 2018 · No Comments

Carpeting is a common form of home flooring in various spaces, including the living and sleeping areas. This flooring type is comfortable to the touch and creates a cozy space in your home. Carpeting can be installed in various materials as well as colors, helping to create an overall pleasing room design. And while carpeting is a quality and versatile flooring type, it is also one that can become quite dirty over time. In the fall and winter months, it’s easy to track in dirt and grime. From leaves to snow, particles can be left behind on the carpeting, which can lead to a dingy appearance as well as to allergy issues in your home. With the help of our residential carpet cleaning services in St. Paul, MN, your home will be free of any problems such as the following, and we will ensure your carpeting looks lovely year-round.

Tracking in Dirt

During the fall and winter months, you wear boots to deal with the outdoor weather. When you or others walk into your home, the debris tracked in can become stuck in the carpet fibers. Over time, dirt and grime will make the carpeting material appear dingy and worn. Without a proper cleaning, the fibers will look dirty and even darkened in color.

With our residential carpet cleaning services, your St. Paul, MN, flooring will be revived. The carpet fibers will be stripped of dirt and contaminants, which will bring back the original coloring of the carpeting. With the coloring revived, your flooring will look its very best and will have a longer life span without the need for replacement.

Producing Allergens

Because carpet fibers hold on to dirt and grime, they also hold on to pet dander and other allergens like dust. Over time, this can create poor air quality in your home. As you vacuum, such contaminants are being stirred up into the air. Individuals with allergies or respiratory problems will suffer from itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, and other conditions.

The residential carpet cleaning service we provide will strip the fibers of such contaminants so that the air is clean in your St. Paul, MN, home.

Find Professional Residential Carpet Cleaning Today!

When it comes to your carpeting needs, let our team of professionals work for you. Contact our office today at (651) 644-3531 to schedule your carpet cleaning today!

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After the Fire: What to do Before Fire Damage Restoration in Oakdale, MN

December 13th, 2018 · No Comments

When a fire takes place in your home, it can be devastating. You may lose personal belongings as well as have to face the destruction of certain portions of your home. With professional fire damage restoration in Oakdale, MN, your home can be restored to its former state. What should you do before we arrive? Below are a few tips to ensure your home is ready for our service options.

After the Fire

When the flames have been put out, you’ll need to limit your activity and foot traffic within the home. Stay off of the carpeting and furniture to prevent any soot or dirt as well as other particles from becoming trapped in areas of your home. If you must move around the home, be sure to lay down clean sheets or towels on the floor and furniture to avoid any issues.


If you can, change out any air filters in the home to keep soot and/or dirt from circulating in the air. This will help to keep the air clean from any further contamination after the fire and prepare your home for our fire damage restoration services in Oakdale, MN.


Avoid washing any walls or trying to clean the carpeting as this can negatively impact our cleaning processes. While you think you may be helping, you could actually be causing permanent damage. Avoid cleaning any kitchen appliances as well. Such appliances may have wiring or electrical connection damage that could result in major issues if not cleaned in a correct manner.


It’s also important to avoid eating any food that may have been contaminated by the smoke and fire in your home. This can be a health hazard.

Finding Fire Damage Restoration Help

By following these tips, you can ensure your Oakdale, MN home is ready for our fire damage restoration services. When a fire occurs, contact our office immediately to schedule services. With our help, your property will be restored in no time and livable once again. Contact our office at (651) 644-3531 today to learn more.

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Unforeseen Events that Require Water Damage Restoration in White Bear Lake, MN

December 5th, 2018 · No Comments

Water damage can happen in a home at any time. Unfortunately for home owners, unforeseen events can take place, leaving the property in disarray. When water enters a home, it begins to seep into the flooring, walls, and ceiling, and can create structural issues. With the help of water damage restoration in White Bear Lake, MN, your home will be back in action in no time. The following offers more information about such unforeseen events and provides actions you can take to get your home back in working order.

Flooded Basement

One of the most common unforeseen incidents to occur in a home involving water damage is a flooded basement. A basement can flood due to a plumbing pipe bursting or a natural weather event. So much water can enter the basement that it needs to be pumped out. Most home owners cannot tackle this problem on their own. We can help by providing water damage restoration, removing the water and moisture from your White Bear Lake, MN, home.

Sewer Backup

The sewer system of your home can back up and lead to water damage problems. From the toilet to the shower, you may have a backup issue within the sewer line that leads to water entering the home instead of exiting. When this occurs, water damage restoration is needed. Our experts will quickly visit your White Bear Lake, MN, home to remove the water and repair any damage.

Water Heater Leakage

Hot water heaters are large appliances that hold many gallons of water. Each day, you use the hot water heater and don’t think anything about it. However, if the heater has a leak, it can lead to a major water mess in your home. Thankfully, we offer cleanup and repair services to get your home back in normal shape.

Find Emergency Water Damage Restoration Help

These are just a few examples as to how a home can be affected by water damage. At Northwest ServiceMaster, we have a team of experts that is able to repair the damage, removing all water and helping get your home back in working order. Give us a call at (651) 644-3531 for immediate help with water damage!

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Always on Call: Access 24-Hour Emergency Services in Shoreview, MN

December 1st, 2018 · No Comments

A disaster can strike the home at any time, so that is why we offer 24-hour emergency services in Shoreview, MN. You never know when your home might be subject to fire or water damage, and the need for expert assistance is immediate. Every home owner fears a major disaster, such as a fire or flood. We all know how to react when the emergency occurs, but what happens afterward? Whom do you call for help once the flames have been extinguished? Or whom do you call when water is filling up inside your basement? At Northwest ServiceMaster, we offer 24/7/365 service, so you have access to the help you need when you need it.

When a disaster occurs in your home, you can give us a call immediately. We have technicians on stand-by at all times to respond when customers call. Our team can handle the claims you need to make with your insurance company as well as clean up and restore the home. We take care of everything so that you can focus on taking care of yourself and your family.

Disaster Restoration Services

At Northwest ServiceMaster, we offer several disaster restoration services. You can call our 24-hour emergency services line in Shoreview, MN, anytime you need help with the following:

  • Smoke and fire damage
  • Water damage
  • Mold removal & remediation
  • Structure board-up
  • Odor removal
  • Property pack out/pack in

With our disaster service options, we can provide you with the cleaning of the space as well as restoration. For example, with a fire, we will focus our efforts on removing smoke and soot damage as well as that caused by the flames. We work on removing odors from the home so that no memory of a fire remains.

In an instance of flooding, we will focus on removing standing water first, then move on to eliminating any remaining moisture to avoid further damage to the home in the future, including mold or mildew growth.

At Northwest ServiceMaster, we are available 24/7 to assist with your home damage needs. Give us a call anytime at (651) 644-3531 to access our 24/7 emergency services line in Shoreview, MN.

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Prepare Your Furniture for the Holidays with Upholstery Cleaning in Woodbury, MN

November 15th, 2018 · No Comments

Fall signals the start of several holidays to come. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Hannukah and Christmas, there are many holidays waiting to be celebrated. For homeowners, these holidays signify a time to gather family and friends and host parties or events. If you’re planning a holiday celebration in the near future, then there is no better time than now to prepare your furniture. With our Woodbury, MN, upholstery cleaning service options, your furnishings will be in great condition, ready to provide spotless and tidy seating for guests.

Refreshing Your Furniture With Upholstery Cleaning

When hosting a holiday party, you want your furniture to look its very best. Over time, furnishings easily become dirty and dingy in appearance due to use because, when we use furniture, the dirt and oil from our body clings to the fabric material of the piece. Upholstery cleaning for your Woodbury, MN, home ensures that each piece of furniture is clean, with dirt and oil removed.

For most chairs and sofas, the armrests are the dirtiest as this where we place our arms and hands. With cleaning services, your furniture’s fabric can be restored, including those stubborn armrests, helping you to present a clean space for guests during your holiday festivities.

Before and After Cleanup If Needed

Before your party, have our experts provide upholstery cleaning in your Woodbury, MN, home. The service takes just a short time, and once completed, your furniture will be completely refreshed. Then, if your party gets too messy and spills occur, we can provide you service yet again, so your furniture continues to looks its very best.

Our cleaning experts know how to tackle any cleaning job involving fabric upholstery. The type of material used in your furniture will need a specific cleaning method. We use only top cleaning agents and tools to ensure that your furniture is fully cleaned, looking its very best.

If you are planning on hosting a holiday party, contact our experts today to schedule an appointment for furniture cleaning. At Northwest ServiceMaster, we are ready to provide you with excellent furniture cleaning. Give us a call today at (651) 644-3531 to learn more.

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Rid Your Tile of Stubborn Grout Stains with Professional Tile Cleaning in Shoreview, MN

November 9th, 2018 · No Comments

Tile is a flooring type often used in kitchens and bathrooms of the home. Coming in a variety of colors and material types, tile can be installed at an affordable price point as well as provide a luxury feel to the home depending on what type of tile is chosen. Over time, the tile can begin to appear dingy or have a dirty appearance in the grout lines. No matter how hard you try to clean the tile, you end up with dirt remaining. When this happens, it’s time to contact the experts in tile cleaning services for Shoreview, MN—Northwest ServiceMaster. With our help, your tile can be cleaned to look brand-new in no time.

A Professional Clean

When homeowners attempt to clean tile flooring, they usually use products found at big box stores. While these can be helpful, it is more efficient to have a professional team of tile cleaning experts to help provide essential cleaning methods to your Shoreview, MN, home.

Our experts have experience in cleaning a range of tile types. We know everything there is to know about tile materials and how to clean each type. Some materials are more porous than others, so they require additional cleaning or particular tools or solutions to remove ground in dirt and grime. Because our team understands how tile needs to be cleaned, we can ensure that your tile will look its very best once our cleaning process is complete.

Regular Service

It is recommended that home owners have access to tile cleaning service on a regular basis. Depending on the traffic flow and type of tile you have in the home, usually, once or twice-a-year cleaning will do the trick. Our tile cleaning experts can arrive at your Shoreview, MN, home after you schedule an appointment and take care of your tile cleaning needs. We work hard to provide you with beautiful tile flooring that is shiny and sparkling, free of any stuck-on dirt and grime.

Learn more about our tile cleaning service options by giving our office a call today at (651) 644-3531. We look forward to serving you!

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Prepare for Cooler Weather with Commercial Cleaning in Roseville, MN

November 1st, 2018 · No Comments

The month of November is usually a turning point when it comes to weather. The leaves have already begun to fall and the temperatures are following suite. When cold weather arrives, it brings with it sickness, something that can be harmful to your business. In order for your office to run successfully, everyone needs to be well. With our service options for commercial cleaning in Roseville, MN, your office space will remain neat and tidy, free of germs and viruses.

A Healthy Clean

If your office is like most businesses, the winter weather brings about sickness, including stomach viruses, strep throat, and others. While you clean up the space when someone calls in sick, there may still be germs left behind that you did not clean. With commercial cleaning in Roseville, MN, every space is cleaned, helping to remove all germs from the area.

Door knobs, restrooms, and kitchens are prime areas for germs to thrive. With the help of cleaning services, these prime targets are sanitized so that no germs can live or grow.

Productive Office

With our commercial cleaning services in Roseville, MN, your office will be able to remain productive. Not only will you experience less sick days with employees, your office space will be neat and tidy which will promote productivity. It has been proven that employees are more apt to perform better in a workplace that is clean.

It can be hard to focus when garbage is piled up at every cubicle and common areas are grimy. Providing a clean space for your employees will ensure that everyone enjoys their work day, ready to be productive during work meetings and calls with clients.

Partner with the Commercial Cleaning Professionals Today!

If you do not have cleaning services set up for your business, give us a call today. Our cleaning technicians are ready to serve you, providing the much-needed cleaning techniques that will create a neat and tidy space for your employees. Give us a call today at (651) 644-3531. We look forward to discussing with you the many cleaning options we can provide your business!

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Revive Your Home From Winter Damage with Disaster Restoration in Fridley, MN

October 31st, 2018 · No Comments

As a homeowner, you are accustomed to damage in the home. From normal wear and tear to major issues, it is not uncommon to find a problem and require a professional solution. During the winter months, disaster can strike in the home due to freezing temperatures. Plumbing pipes often become frozen due to low temperatures which can eventually lead to water damage in the home. When this occurs, rely on our disaster restoration team in Fridley, MN to provide quality repair and restoration services for your home.

Freezing Pipes

In the home, the plumbing pipes are used on a daily basis. In the winter, when temperatures drop below freezing, the pipes can freeze which leads to frozen water inside the piping. Over time, the ice inside the pipes can expand which can lead to a busted line.

Once the temperatures heat back up, the water starts running again and you end up with water in the home. Depending on where the plumbing pipes are located, the damage may be slight or disastrous. Take, for example, plumbing in the walls. If a busted pipe occurs in the walls, drywall, insulation and other materials will become wet.

Over time, the water can create structural issues as well as the growth of mold and mildew. The situation needs to be handled quickly by our disaster restoration experts in Fridley, MN. With our help, your home will be back to normal in no time, ensuring a comfortable space for your family.

Additional Services

Our disaster restoration services cover more than just water damage in your Fridley, MN home. If you find that your home is affected by fire damage, mold, and mildew or other major issues, give our office a call. We are ready to provide you with the essential cleaning and repair services to ensure your home is fully restored.

Never feel that your home is unable to be restored. At Northwest ServiceMaster, we can help. Give us a call today to find out more about our service options and what we can provide for your home. We can be reached via telephone at (651) 644-3531. Give us a call today!

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