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Northwest ServiceMaster Is the Top Upholstery Cleaner in Fridley, MN

September 18th, 2019 · No Comments

Homes filled with a lot of people or pets often become a hotbed for dust, pollen, and other allergens or pollutants. Many of these irritants seep into upholstered furniture where traditional cleaning supplies and vacuums can’t reach.

Homeowners don’t have to accept dirty and/or smelly furniture. Professional upholstery cleaning in Fridley, MN, by Northwest ServiceMaster team members can revitalize a home whether you just want a deep clean or you’re recovering from a large-scale disaster like a fire or flood.


Northwest ServiceMaster understands how important a deep cleaning can be to keep a busy family healthy and happy, especially if family members are trying to pick up the pieces and restore a home after extensive damage.

Let professional upholstery cleaners take care of breathing new life into furniture through hot water extraction and by removing allergens, dander, mites, and other pollutants.

All the upholstery cleaning products we use are professional-grade and eco-friendly. People who try to clean upholstery themselves run the risk of buying and using harsh chemicals that can leave potentially hazardous residue, especially if a pet gets curious about the new scent and decides to lick the furniture. Our cleaning products do not contain any soaps or detergents.


Eco-friendly products keep people healthy and also ensure upholstered furniture lasts longer since the cleaning solution doesn’t break down any fibers or fabric.

Additionally, our team of upholstery cleaners has the ability to sanitize and apply protectant to your furniture.


Sanitization of upholstered furniture prevents allergens from multiplying and eliminates bacteria in furniture that can spread illness. Unlike store-bought sanitizers, our solutions actually eliminate and destroy odor and bacteria instead of just masking a bad scent.

Applying protectant to upholstered furniture after a deep cleaning builds a protective shield that makes future cleanup of spills and dirt much easier. If a substance is spilled on a piece of furniture with a protectant, a homeowner has an opportunity to simply wipe away the dirt or grime before the liquid seeps into the fabric and requires another restorative deep cleaning.


At Northwest ServiceMaster, we understand how to care for expensive and delicate furniture in a professional manner. Our technicians are adept at cleaning a wide variety of furniture surfaces and upholstery, and only use professional-grade, eco-friendly products to ensure the job is done correctly.

After Northwest ServiceMaster team arrives at your home for upholstery cleaning, it examines all furniture to identify stains, spills, and dirt in order to come up with a cleaning plan.


After a deep clean, the team is prepared to further sanitize furniture or apply a protectant to extend the lifecycle of an upholstered couch or chair.


Looking for the best upholstery cleaners in the Fridley, MN, area? Give the Northwest ServiceMaster team a call at (651) 644-3531 for professional and prompt service.

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Have Peace of Mind with Professional Content Cleaning/Packout in Roseville, MN

September 12th, 2019 · No Comments

Trying to manage your affairs when disaster strikes can be extremely difficult. If water is rising in your property or infrastructure has been damaged by fire, many people wonder how they can save their valuables, furnishings, and other treasured items from additional damage.

Rest assured that Northwest ServiceMaster has your back. Our experienced team of content cleaning/packout specialists in Roseville, MN, quickly arrive at your property after you call and develop a plan to safely remove important items to prevent additional damage.

Many people have come to rely on the services of Northwest ServiceMaster due to the care and attention our team members give to items inside a home or property.

After a big disaster, insurance companies want to see detailed lists of damage and a comprehensive breakdown of what was removed and stored away from the affected area.

Our meticulous team members carefully register all packed out items and are happy to correspond with insurance companies so clients receive the compensation that they are entitled to.

We understand insurance companies can demand detailed information and extensive lists of items. All our team members carefully catalog, label, and document any possessions that are cleaned or packed away.

Traditional moving and storage companies are not going to be prepared to create a clear inventory list, nor store delicate and valuable items in proper, climate-controlled conditions. But our technicians are prepared to carefully pack and arrange items leaving a property and make sure that they get back into the owner’s hands exactly as they left them.

Northwest ServiceMaster also provides cleaning and restoration services for furniture, family heirlooms, or other delicate items that might have been damaged by water, smoke, or soot. We work hard to try and recover as much as possible.

Swift and effective content cleaning/packout means the restoration process for a home or property can start sooner. Water that stagnates without being treated can be a breeding ground for mold, and can permanently damage walls and floors. Soot that is not cleaned after a fire can leave a smoky residue that is difficult to completely clean and leads to a strong stench in your home.

Every second counts when it comes to preventing further damage to your home and belongings.

Let the Northwest ServiceMaster team work for you after a disaster. We stand ready 24/7 to respond swiftly to any call and always get right to work, safely removing and packing out items from affected areas.

Our content cleaning/packout jobs always begin with a plan to assess possible hazards so team members and any other people in the immediate area so everyone can remain safe during packout.

Our content cleaning/packout specialists in Roseville MN, are ready to take your calls. Reach out anytime at (651) 644-3531.

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Consider Professional HVAC Cleaning for Your St. Paul, MN Home

September 4th, 2019 · No Comments

Improve air quality and reduce potential allergens as much as possible with professional HVAC cleaning in St. Paul, MN.

HVAC cleaning is important because once the heating or air conditioning unit is used, pollutants and other unwanted particulates can circulate through a home, possibly aggravating asthma or contribute towards other respiratory issues.

HVAC cleaning should always be carried out if there’s evidence that animals have been in the air ducts. It should also be conducted if mold and mildew are visible inside the ducts or on the mechanical components of the system.

Mold should be removed or decontaminated by a professional team with access to the right equipment. Drying out moldy areas is not enough because even the smallest amounts of moisture can spark a re-infestation.

Benefits of HVAC cleaning include:


  • HVAC Efficiency: An HVAC system free of major pollutants, dirt, dust, and debris can circulate air more effectively. Clean systems heat and cool faster, save money on energy bills, and allow the entire HVAC system to last for a longer time.
  • Boost Air Quality: HVAC systems that are near polluted sources of outside air could be drawing in car exhaust, cigarette smoke, allergens, debris, or other irritants. HVAC systems that are not working well might emit excess chemicals or residues that make their way into circulating air. Professional cleaning of HVAC systems helps identify the source of pollutants and also ensures the entire system is working properly.


The team at Northwest ServiceMaster has years of experience working with HVAC systems to ensure they are clean and free of pollutants.

Our team uses specialized cameras to examine ductwork to find problem areas. High-tech equipment is used to remove irritants and other debris from vents, registers, fans, electrical components, and grilles. After the cleaning is finished, we use cameras to examine our work to ensure the assignment has been thoroughly completed.

Wondering if your air ducts are dirty? Call Northwest ServiceMaster to conduct a comprehensive HVAC cleaning in the St. Paul, MN area. Our experienced team members understand how to clean HVAC systems in a way that will ensure your home is circulating clean air.

We’re on call 24/7 and ready to swiftly respond to any requests for service. For additional information or to make an appointment, call us today at (651) 644-3531.

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The Pros at Northwest ServiceMaster in Oakdale, MN, Are Residential Carpet Care Experts

August 26th, 2019 · No Comments

Carpet cleaning is much more than just pushing a vacuum cleaner over your floors. Residential carpet care in Oakdale, MN, is best performed by the experienced staffers at Northwest ServiceMaster who understand how to rejuvenate well-used carpets using eco-friendly products that result in a deep and effective clean.


Many people try to care for their carpets with traditional methods. Cleaning often includes the use of commercial products to remove stains and spills, alongside the occasional deep steam clean to remove dirt and pollutants.


While this can be effective, a comprehensive cleaning that truly makes carpet inside your home shine like new is only achieved by professional cleaners who have access to high-grade equipment and cleaning supplies.

The Northwest ServiceMaster team works with countless customers to provide superb residential carpet care through intensive cleaning and restoration services. Our experts treat stubborn stains, cleanse carpets with safe cleaning solutions, and then carefully wash and dry residential carpets to maintain a consistent appearance.

Our powerful, truck-mounted equipment is effective at reaching the deepest stains and spills, but gentle enough to keep your carpets free from damage and looking beautiful.

Residents who are interested in helping the Northwest ServiceMaster team provider better carpet care can take a few steps to prepare for a professional cleaning:


  • Declutter: Northwest ServiceMaster technicians need a lot of room to move equipment around to provide a comprehensive cleaning. Residents should take time to move any toys, plants, or small pieces of furniture off the floor and store them in a different room. Anything fragile should be stored to prevent damage, and valuable items like jewelry should be moved to a safe place so they don’t get lost during the cleaning process.
  • Mention Any Areas of Concern: Residents who make a note of high-traffic areas and relay this information to the cleaners increase the chances of more effective service. Cleaners can adjust their tactics and cleaning products to ensure thorough removal of dust, dirt, and grime. Cleaning also goes smoother if residents can give information about what type of substance caused a stain. Details give professional cleaners a greater ability to care for your carpets properly.


Looking for effective and professional residential carpet care in Oakdale, MN? Northwest ServiceMaster understands how to help keep your carpets clean and looking as new as possible.

Our team is ready 24/7 to respond to service requests and head out to your residential property. Our carpet care process involves a complete inspection to identify areas of dirt, dust, or spillage followed by deep cleaning with professional equipment.


Give us a call at (651) 644-3531 once you’re ready for top-of-the-line carpet care.

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Leave Smoke Damage Restoration to Local Experts in White Bear Lake, MN

August 19th, 2019 · No Comments

The devastating effects of a fire can lead to a lot of stress as you try and recover your home or commercial property. However, even if the flames were in just a small area, the effects of soot and smoke can overwhelm the entire property and lead to a big cleanup process. The Northwest ServiceMaster team is well-prepared to handle the smoke damage restoration process after a fire in and around the White Bear Lake, MN, area.


Smoke and soot can be highly corrosive and can easily damage just about any object if it’s not cleaned properly. In the vast majority of cases, smoke and soot from a house or commercial property fire are not going to come just from burning wood.


Fire can quickly consume plastics, leathers, and other materials, leading to soot and smoke that leave toxic elements as it settles.


Cleaning smoke or soot should be handled by professional cleaners who have the right masks, gloves, solutions, and equipment to ensure everything can be restored to as close as it was to its original form.


People who try to handle smoke damage restoration on their own run the risk of inhaling toxic fumes and not cleaning areas as thoroughly as necessary, which can lead to further complications down the road.


Time is of the utmost importance when it comes to restoring a property from smoke damage. As soon as we receive your call, the experienced team members at Northwest ServiceMaster are dispatched to your property to assess the situation.


Our team is well-equipped with the right cleaning chemicals and tools to counteract odors, clean, reseal walls and floors, and restore any damaged objects to as close as they were before the fire.


For the parts of your property that might need total replacement, we can help you correspond with your insurance company to get the assistance you need. Our team is also happy to give recommendations about the steps required to get rid of the unsightly effects of smoke damage, like painting over walls and scrubbing certain surfaces.


If you’re looking to restore your home or property due to the effects of a fire, reach out to our Northwest ServiceMaster team immediately 24/7/365 at (651) 644-3531.


We respond quickly to all calls in the White Bear Lake, MN, area and work diligently to ensure the smoke damage restoration process is as smooth as possible to give you the peace of mind you need as you work to get your life back on track.

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Let the Professionals Handle Mold Remediation and Water Damage Cleanup in Shoreview, MN

August 12th, 2019 · No Comments

Some types of disaster cleanup are best left to the experts, and the Northwest ServiceMaster team is prepared to aid with mold remediation and water damage cleanup in and around the Shoreview, MN, area.

The aftereffects of water damage can be devastating. Aside from causing extensive structural damage to your home or company, moist conditions are a breeding ground for dangerous mold that can cause significant health complications. Mold also leads to poor air quality that can take a big toll on people who suffer from allergies or have trouble breathing.

Mold thrives with moisture and can begin after water damage from severe weather, a broken pipe, a plumbing issue, or a problem with the water heater. Water that is not dried within 24 hours comes with the acute risk of being an area where mold will start to grow.

Mold easily spreads via spores and can hide and grow on a variety of indoor surfaces. Once mold is present, just drying out the area is not enough. The only way to mitigate the issue is to either entirely remove the mold or decontaminate the area. Either process should only be conducted by a trained professional who has experience in dealing with mold.

At Northwest ServiceMaster, we understand how important it is to swiftly clean up after water damage to ensure mold growth does not occur. Within just a few hours after an initial call, our technicians are on the scene to dry out your property using state-of-the-art equipment to make sure mold does not have a chance to grow. If there’s mold present, we’re prepared to either decontaminate the area or carefully remove and repair the affected area to ensure all mold is completely gone from your property.

Our team is also prepared to correspond with your insurance company to help you in the claims process while we work to repair your home or property back to its pre-disaster state. We’ve got your back during all aspects of the water damage cleanup and mold remediation process.

If your house or commercial property in the Shoreview, MN, area has suffered from water damage and is now a breeding ground for mold, give us a call at (651) 644-3531 for professional and efficient mold remediation and water damage cleanup. Reach out to Northwest ServiceMaster at any time so we can work by your side to help you get your life back to normal.

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Why Tile Cleaning Is an Integral Part of the Fire Damage Cleanup Process in Fridley, MN

August 5th, 2019 · No Comments

Suffering the aftereffects of a fire can be devastating. Fire damage cleanup in the Fridley, MN, area can be a difficult endeavor, especially if you’re faced with a lot of lost items or significant destruction to your home or business. Learn here how tile cleaning fits into the fire damage cleanup process.


Tile cleaning is often an overlooked part of the recovery process after a fire. Even if tile is not directly damaged by the flames, the effects of smoke and soot can discolor your tile and lead to lingering smells that are very hard to remove without the help of a professional.


The professional fire damage cleanup team at Northwest ServiceMaster understands the importance of thorough work after a fire. We start by assessing the tile surfaces in your home or business. Once that’s completed, we use professional-grade vacuums to clean soot and dirt from the tile. We then utilize our proprietary cleaning solutions to eliminate stains and restore your tile to its original appearance and ensure all lingering smells of smoke are removed.


Our team also understands the importance of mitigating smoke damage aside from cleaning tile. After we’re called to a home or business after a fire, we make sure to ventilate the area by opening windows and doors, shut down any HVAC systems to prevent the spread of smoke, and rely on industrial-strength fans to ventilate smoky air out of the area.


Tile cleaning is an integral part of the recovery process after fire damage. A professional restoration process can restore your tile to how it looked before the fire and save you money on having to potentially replace flooring. Clean floors also help restore a sense of normalcy after a traumatic event like a fire.


If you’re looking for professional and effective tile cleaning in the Fridley, MN area, call Northwest ServiceMaster at (651) 644-3531. Our team of experts is trained and experienced in tile cleaning as well as fire restoration and damage cleanup, and we’ll work hard to ensure your property is restored as close as possible to its original pre-loss condition.

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Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Roseville, MN, for Homes and Businesses

July 23rd, 2019 · No Comments

Good furnishings can really make a home come alive and give it a cozy feel. Businesses that invest in good office furniture can make their employees more comfortable and give off an inviting feel to visitors. Keeping upholstered furniture clean, however, can be another story.


Many people see professional upholstery cleaning as an impossible task once they start to see all the dust, dirt, and other stains that make their way onto a well-used couch or older chair.


Even though grime and stains can be hard to tackle, professional upholstery cleaning can have a big effect on the lifecycle of your furniture and your health. Here are a few reasons why professional cleaning is well-worth the cost:


  • Clean Furniture Can Boost Your Health: Professional upholstery cleaning companies, like Northwest ServiceMaster in the Roseville, MN, area, use industrial-strength equipment and cleaning products to remove dirt and other contaminants from upholstery. Allergens are able to easily hide inside dirty fabric and fibers, which can have a big impact on your health. Grime can also be a prime breeding grounds for fleas and other pests that can have negative health effects. Professional cleaning can eliminate odors inside of your home and business and cut down on health-hazardous contaminants.
  • Cleaning Can Restore Your Furniture: Professional upholstery cleaning can help your furniture be restored to its previous glory and original beauty. Layers of dust and dirt can make fabric and other materials appear mottled and drab. At Northwest ServiceMaster, we take care to make sure our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and eco-friendly so they won’t damage your favorite pieces of furniture. Cleaning helps extend the durability and lifecycle of upholstery, which means you spend less money replacing furniture over the long-term.
  • Professional Cleaning Reaches the Spots You Can’t: Some people are tempted to go to the store and purchase cleaning products themselves. However, some of the most effective chemicals for upholstery cleaning can’t be found at the local supermarket. Additionally, upholstered furniture often comes with a variety of unique shapes, nooks, and crannies. Professionals have the tools and know-how to clean these areas, which makes it far more efficient to hire experts to properly clean your upholstery.


If you’re ready to breathe new life into your furniture and have a cleaner home or business, contact Northwest ServiceMaster to take advantage of our professional upholstery cleaning services in the Roseville, MN, area.


We stand ready to treat any type of upholstery and can also clean the wood and metal parts so the entire piece looks as good as new. Give us a call today at (651) 644-3531 and we’ll make quick work of the dirt and grime!

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We Stand Ready To Provide Emergency 24-Hour Services and Secure Your Property In Woodbury, MN

July 20th, 2019 · No Comments

Northwest ServiceMaster stands prepared to swiftly meet you at your home or property in order to provide emergency board-up services in the midst of a natural disaster, robbery, or other traumatic event in and around the Woodbury, MN, area. Disaster doesn’t operate on schedule, which is why we guarantee 24-hour emergency services.

The aftermath of a dangerous storm, natural disaster, or break-in can lead to shattered windows and broken doors. These pose an inviting target for thieves who are looking for an easy opportunity to get inside a property.

This risk can cause a lot of stress and worry for a person who is also trying to figure out how to recover after a tragic event.

At Northwest ServiceMaster, our experienced and professional team is well-equipped to provide 24-hour emergency services to board up and secure your property while you consider the next steps.

After being dispatched, we first assess any damage to come up with an action plan to board up windows and openings. We are able to set up temporary barricades to keep people away from a building, deploy roof tarps to protect against the elements, and even construct a full temporary enclosure to provide complete protection to a heavily damaged building.

We take our work very seriously since taking steps to board up exposed windows and openings after a natural disaster can play a big role when it comes to dealing with insurance companies.

Many insurance policies ask homeowners to secure their property through board-up services after a disaster in order to make sure damage was caused by the disaster and not by outside elements in ensuing days.

Our team is equipped to work with your insurance company if needed to help coordinate the claims process and assist with the removal of temporary tarps and boards to make room for an insurance adjuster. Additionally, we stand ready to aid any homeowner or property owner as he or she collaborates with a construction team to ensure the tradition from temporary protection to permanent reconstruction is smooth.

If your house or commercial property has received damage after a natural disaster or act of vandalism, make sure to call the team at Northwest ServiceMaster for professional and 24-hour emergency services in and around the Woodbury, MN, area.

We work hard to ensure the recovery process is as stress-free as possible and are meticulous in making sure your valuable property remains well-protected. When your property needs help, whatever time it is, call our emergency number at (651) 644-3531.

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No Nonsense Disaster Restoration in St. Paul, MN, by Northwest ServiceMaster

July 18th, 2019 · No Comments

Some disasters you just can’t prepare for. Bad weather, a nasty water leak, a destructive fire, or even dangerous black mold can be devastating for your company or your family.  But while it might be impossible to plan for a catastrophic event, it’s certainly possible to plan to restore your livelihood and property.


A wide variety of people across the St. Paul, MN, area have long relied on Northwest ServiceMaster to help pick up the pieces after disaster strikes by managing the cleanup, rebuilding, and restoration process.


Our professional team stands ready to handle any type of disaster, from biohazard cleanup to mold remediation to water extraction to fire damage restoration. Northwest ServiceMaster agents stand ready 24/7/365 to field your calls and dispatch the appropriate people to help you work through a disaster.


Once the Northwest ServiceMaster team is on the scene, it’s prepared to carry out a variety of disaster restoration processes using cutting-edge technology and techniques.


Restoration services can include reconstructing a business damaged by fire, drying out a building affected by flooding, removing odors after smoke damage or a sewer backup, or packing out quickly to ensure your valuable items are not further damaged by Mother Nature.


Northwest ServiceMaster technicians are also prepared to secure windows and openings of any shape or size on homes that have been damaged by a natural disaster or vandalism. Our board-up services give people peace of mind that their property is safe from potential thieves or additional damage, which can help the entire restoration process go much smoother.


We also focus on a variety of specialty disaster restoration services to help breathe new life into your antique and valuable items, like furniture, sensitive documents, or electronic equipment that might be valuable or one-of-a-kind. We strive to salvage each and every item in our hands, but if that is not possible, then we work to try and get as much information or functionality out of the item so it can still provide you some value.


If you are in St. Paul, MN, Northwest ServiceMaster is prepared to respond to your situation and provide professional disaster restoration services for a variety of needs. Feel free to give us a call anytime at (651) 644-3531.

Once your property is back in order, keep in mind that we have also worked with a plethora of families and professionals by offering residential and commercial cleaning services that can help carpets, windows, and air ducts shine.



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